Tyco QDF Termination factory

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    10 pair Tyco QDF E Termination Magazine blocks
    The QDF (Quick-Connect Distribution Frame) family of products provides a reliable, quickand easy to use system for wire anagement.

    The QDF magazine utilises unique split cylinder insulation displacement contact (IDC). This provides fast and reliable wire termination while eliminating time-consuming wire stripping and wrapping or soldering. The 2-wire capacity of the split cylinder allows teeing on to (commoning) circuits.

    It is a 10-pair magazine designed for applications in which there is or will be a need for protecting, testing or breaking the circuits.

    This includes distribution frames and on customer premises, as well as in outside plant installations.


    Housing Material
    Fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate/polyester UL 94 V0 rated (self extinguishing), oxygen index 29.5.
    Split Cylinder Contact Material High strength phosphor bronze with anti-corrosion coating. Earthing Strip High corrosion resistance brass with anti-corrosion coating.

    Conductor Sizes

    Solid wire: 0.4 mm to 0.9 mm (26 to 19 AWG)
    Stranded wire: 0.4 mm to 0.64 mm (26 to 22 AWG)
    Note: If two wires are terminated on a contact, they must be the same
    size. Wire Sizes Range accomodated (including insulation): 0.69 mm to 1.50 mm
    Electrical Characteristics
    Insulation resistance > 1000 G½ at 500 Vdc
    Dielectric withstand 2000 Vac for 5 mins
    Current capacity 20 A total, 10 each line side to earth with no magazine distortion
    Cross talk (average)    -100 dB @ 20 kHz   -70 dB @ 2.048 Mbps
    Contact resistance     7 mOhm maximum
    (including the two split cylinders, contact between them, and wire
    Maximum change in resistance, ÆR (after environmental testing) 2.5 mOhm per contact interface
    Durability   Minimum 200 insertion and withdrawal cycles.Tyco QDF Termination factory

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