Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

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    Plastic pipe application and introduction
    Plastic pipe material is the chemical building material of high technology compound, and chemical building material is after steel, lumber, cement, contemporary new 4 kinds of new building material.Chemical building materials have made great progress in our country, especially the wide use of new environment-friendly plastic pipes, and a revolution to replace traditional building materials. Plastic pipes for water loss of small, energy saving, material saving and ecological protection, completion is convenient wait for an advantage, widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage and gas pipe, and other fields, become the main force of urban construction in the new century network.
    Plastic pipe extruder machine Introduction
    Plastic pipe extruder machine can continuously produce corrugated pipe of PE, PP, EVA, PVC and so on.The equipment produces pipes, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength.It is used in the fields of electric threading pipe, automobile threading pipe, protective casing, machine tool product, packaging food machinery, electric locomotive, engineering installation, lighting, automatic instrument and so on.
    Plastic pipe extruder machine mainly including the extruder, corrugated pipe forming machine, module, cooling device, counter, coiler, the size of the continuous extrusion forming a variety of specifications diameter single-walled bellows.
    Extruder: high speed and high efficiency screw, gearbox of hard tooth surface, imported frequency converter, the raw material is heated evenly, the plastic effect is good, and the extrusion speed and effect are guaranteed.
    The parameters of plastic pipe extruder machine
    Plastic pipePlastic Pipe Extrusion Machine
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